28 November 2013


It is such a longgggggggggg time for me to update my blog. Sigh. College life is so unexpected. Imagine that I've changed to be a marathon participants at the morning as I need to run to my Sciences of Quran class! Believe me, sometimes I dreamed to gave up going to any classes and book a flight to Maldives. Yolo!

Plus, this weekend is kind of a hectic week as all the assignments, presentations and projects need to be submitted. I missed my old times in school. Though I hate wearing the uniform, still there are certain things that I've miss: Gossiping, Hang out, Skipping classes (I'm doing this twice. Just twice. Sumpah!) Ya Allah, rindunyaaaaaa sekolah ;'(

Face the reality, waiting for the weekend to get my minds cleared. Serabut kepala, so many terms that need to be memorized. Psychology on its own already occupied half of my memory. Escapism, Isolation, Inferiority anddddd apa lagi tah kenama dia. Sometimes I feel demotivated, I refused to study jn classes. I draw flowers in my text book, and even his name too! Heheheheh. Naughty! But the thing is, I need to continue this, I did this for ibu, for the sake of her, my beloved one, my gangs.

Thanks for those people that supported me, I truly appreciated it. Said, thanks for helping me, help me handling my problems, understands me though sometimes u feel annoyed like "dah kenapa hawa ni mengada-ngada!" Hahaha. I'm sorry for behaving like that. Sorry for everyhting that I've done and by the way, love you moreee. Mihmihmih. For fatin, thanks for being my friend, sister, and sometimes like a mom to me. I'm sorry if I done any mistakes to you. Saranghaeeeeee. Hikhikhik.

For my beloved ibu, ku cinta kepadamu. Ku mahu duit saku. Hehe joke, love you ibuu. Miss you.